Janet Jackson's Postpartum Expectations

Janet Jackson's birth.  It’s big news Janet Jackson gives birth at 50. The media is having a heyday with discussions of celebrity women in their 40s and 50s giving birth. Posted today in the Lifestyle-Beauty section of the news magazine The Telegraph is just such an article entitled, “As Janet Jackson announces the birth of her son, here's what to expect from pregnancy in your late forties” about how wonderful it is for women to give birth as such a late age and what you can expect from pregnancy in your late 40s. No one really gives any good information in articles like this one, almost like the article was a link to current news for exposure with no real useful information. In this article, the unnamed author listed tips from fertility expert Emma Cannon who gives some generic pregnancy advise but no one really addresses what Janet Jackson can expect having a child at 50.

Though many think there’s no problem with a woman having a child at 50, there are some things a woman must truly consider with having a child at such a late age. Let me start with saying I’m surprised Janet was able to get pregnant at all. Women in their 50s typically have very low estrogen levels which is a big factor of whether a woman will get pregnant or not. Most ovaries have shut down adequate estrogen production, which makes it more difficult to get pregnant. A woman may be able to get pregnant at 50 but her estrogen will be so low after birth that her brain and body will not only not “bounce back” postpartum, but her estrogen production would be less than before she got pregnant, and continue a rapid decline until the tank is empty.

Women without enough estrogen are not tolerant, patient, or calm. They’re not teachable. Their responses are out of proportion to the situation at hand. They have horrible migraines, headaches, and mood swings. They feel like the walking dead, can’t sleep and constantly crave bad carbs and refined sugar. They can’t remember anything and cry at everything. They’re not dependable and are augmentative.   Nothing makes an estrogen deficient woman happy. Nothing makes a woman without estrogen happy. Women without estrogen can’t stand the sound of children’s voices and have a difficult time emotionally connecting to others, including her own children. Estrogen deficient women are controlling, moody, and unpredictable. Women without estrogen are not happy campers to say the least. I would not want to be the child of an estrogen deficient women and no woman in her 50s has adequate levels of estrogen and it gets worse if she has children as her body is ready to throw in the reproductive towel.

Janet Jackson can expect to feel miserable mentally and physically if she doesn’t address her low estrogen issue she’s about to face in a couple months. When women have children in their early to mid twenties, their ovaries are more likely to kick back in with adequate estrogen production, making them better at being a mom. Depression and anxiety will be too much to handle.  It’s mentally and physically impossible to be a mom with no estrogen so the best thing Janet Jackson can do is find a good Hormone Medicine doctor who knows how to intelligently administer estrogen to optimal levels. This will allow Janet to bond with her son and not be at the mercy of her estrogen deficient brain and body falling apart.

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