Shoulder-Waist-Hip Ratio and Estrogen

As a Clinical Hormone Health Coach of over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to witness thousands of women’s bodies make a physical transformation as they made their way to the "Hormone Sweet Spot" with the Panacea Protocol. One of the reasons I’m such a huge advocate of high dose estrogen therapies is because of how the physical body of a woman will do a reversal and restoration to as close to a reproductive aged woman to varying degrees because of estrogen levels. It’s no clinical secret that when women lose their estrogen, they lose their bodies as well. Even farmer’s know the best way to fatten up a sow is to remove the ovaries so pigs will stop producing estrogen and fatten up.

It is well documented that once women no longer produce “reproductive levels” of estrogen, her body (and mind) fall apart. Overall estradiol levels dictate what stage of life a woman is in. When estrogen is low, the brain thinks it’s time to check out and make way for the next generation and fat gets redistributed. When estrogen is not produced in healthy amounts in women no matter how old they are, fat mass increases and distribution changes. When estrogen is low, fat accumulates in the abdomen, upper arms, and back. In, addition, when estrogen is too low for too long, muscles will atrophy, tissues dehydrate, and bones get holes. The overall structure of the estrogen deficient female body is designed to deteriorate at a slow pace as fat in the belly, arms, and back increase.

When estrogen is in a particular range, meaning high enough but not too high, the brain of the woman thinks she’s in a state of reproduction so the body tries to replicate the shoulder-waist-hip ratio of a healthy reproductive female. Hormones are messengers, and when estrogen is too low, the brain and body responds in a negative way, when estrogen is sound, the brain and body also respond, but in a positive way.   When estrogen is sound, it’s a lot easier to lose fat for women. In addition, the muscle tone comes back and bones dense up for “reproductive purposes”, so the brain thinks. As estrogen is toning up muscles, the heart gets strong as well, as it too, is a muscle. This is why women get heart palpitations and shortness of breath when they get older with estrogen loss.

The goal is to get your hormones into a "Hormone Sweet Spot" so your brain and body won’t deteriorate or decline as it would without enough supercritical estrogen. You actually have the power to reshape your body with more control over your shoulder-waist-hip ratio if you get on the right HRT system prescribed in the right amounts and in the right way.

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