The New Midlife Crisis

Today I saw an article on Oprah's website entitled THE NEW MIDLIFE CRISIS Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women.  These kind of articles intrigue me because I'm always waiting so see if anyone will "get it" and offer women a real solution to their nightmare midlife crisis. 

What this article isn’t addressing is the root cause of why this is happening (ovarian dysfunction and offered no real solutions. The truth is women are completely dependent on estrogen to keep their minds and bodies from spiraling into a decline of depression, anxiety, and malcontent, and if the ovaries are dysfunctional, they will not be able to produce healthy levels of estrogen. Dr. Pinkerton says these things are caused by perimenopause but doesn’t really get into what causes perimenopause or how to properly fix it. To be crystal clear, perimenopause is caused by declining circulating estrogen levels creating menstrual irregularity, and can happen to any woman at any age. This decline causes the menstrual cycles to peter out until a woman hasn’t had a period for over a year (menopause), which means her estrogen is in the tank. Estrogen affects every function in the female body right down to the core of every cell, and the longer a woman goes without healthy circulating estrogen, the worse she feels. Women spend 2/3rds of their lives estrogen deficient and the older they get, the longer they go without estrogen, the more rapid the mental and physical decline.

Estrogen is the hormone that allows a woman to cope, strategize, and have a sense of control over their lives, and keeping women deprived of estrogen is barbaric. We live in an age where women of younger and younger ages are experiencing perimenopausal symptoms because their dysfunctional ovaries were handed down by their mother and have never really known what it’s like to have healthy estrogen levels because when a young woman has menstrual irregularity, they are shuffled to the doctors office and put on birth control pills and anti-depressants, with no one ever addressing the ovarian failure at the cause. So in reality, women spend most of their lives never knowing how good they can feel had they had some decent circulating estrogen.

It doesn’t matter how many hikes a woman goes on, how many meditation sessions she has, or how healthy she eats, if she is hypoestrogenic, she will never feel good mentally or physically, and have behavioral issues.

It is well documented the importance of estrogen on the mind, body, and behavior of a woman. I’m again disappointed that no one is suggesting women address the ovarian failure and hypoestrogenism and restore their hormones back to performance levels to preserve the mind, body, behavior, and menstrual cycle. If we know what causes this miserable decline, why not fix it? There is no reason a woman should ever have to go through perimenopause or menopause, or the miserable drugs, surgeries and treatments conventional medicine pushes onto women.

What a depressing article, they offer no real solution when one exists for most women.

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