Can A Woman Get Too Much Estrogen?

Do you have too much estrogen?  A follower on Facebook asked, Can A Woman Get Too Much Estrogen? I get this question from time to time because women have heard the term estrogen dominance and it can get confusing.

Yes, you can have too much estrogen but that’s not to be confused with estrogen dominance, as they are two different things.

Estrogen dominance: is when your body is unable to properly methylate your estrogen in a timely fashion so your body stores estrogen in your fat.  If you don't have enough fat, then your body will make some for the purpose of estrogen storage.  Estrogen dominance occurs in women who've low estrogen blood levels as a woman needs enough estrogen circulating in her blood in order to the natural detoxification process to take place.  If estrogen is too low, then estrogen is stored in the gut and fat and will create a whole set of estrogen deficiency symptoms.


High estrogen: is when your circulating estrogen levels are higher than your "Hormone Sweet Spot"™ range.  Most women do best when their estrogen is maintained in the 300-600 pg/mL range and when women go higher than their personal "Hormone Sweet Spot" range, then they will have symptoms of having too much estrogen like headaches and brain fog that's different than the headaches they get when they're estrogen deficient.

You can get too much estrogen if your doctor mis-doses your hormone therapy, and you can get estrogen dominance if you don't have enough estrogen.

If you’re experiencing estrogen dominance or having a hard time getting to your personal "Hormone Sweet Spot", click on the "Programs" link in the menu above and choose a program that's right for you.


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