The Business of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship

Learn the professional business of hormone coaching by Clinical Hormone Coach and Practice Business Consultant, Marie Hoäg, MBA.


The Business of Hormone Coaching

In the growing market of health coaches, set yourself apart from the rest by establishing yourself as an elite Hormone Health Coach: work with hormone doctors, help get your clients' hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot, and take your practice to the next level.  In this apprenticeship, you will learn the clinical side of hormone coaching and the business side of the clinical hormone practice so you and your practice will grow in two significant ways. 

This advanced program is the best investment you can make in yourself and your practice.


Investment: $4,999


Learn the business side of a successful hormone coaching practice.

I Will Teach You How To Start And Maintain A Successful Hormone Coaching Business

Who This Program Is For

Healthcare Professionals

This apprenticeship is exclusive only to those established licensed healthcare providers and certified health coaches who've successfully completed Menopause Moxie's professional hormone coach training: The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching.

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Significantly Increase Your Revenue

What You Will Learn

The Hormone Coaching Business

You will learn;

The day-to-day activities of a health coaching business owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more!

How to coach clients/patients to their Hormone Sweet Spot

The three phases of getting to the Hormone Sweet Spot and what your clients/patients may experience

Step by step processes; appointment by appointment blueprint on how to coach your clients/patients to their Hormone Sweet Spot

How to work with the gut microbiome as an endocrine organ

How to find out if your clients/patients ovaries are dysfunctional, and what to do about it

How to heal the estrobolome

The steps needed to prevent and reverse PMS, menstrual irregularities, premature menopause, perimenopause, and menopause, in most of your female clients/patients

How to work with both female cisgender and transgender clients/patients

The steps needed to prepare the gut for hormone therapy

The 16 Essential Elements of the Panacea Protocol

How to coach clients to lose weight with the Panacea Hormone Diet

Hormone lab work; what to order, how to read them, how to use them in your practice, and how to have a conversation with a doctor about them

The right diet and lifestyle for proper, optimal, and sustainable hormone balancing

How to get our own hormones balanced the right way

How to use diet and lifestyle as a hormone enhancer 

When to refer clients/patients for hormone therapy

How work with hormone therapy doctors

How to communicate with your physician partners on client/patient progress and recommendations

How to work and lead a doctor/patient trilogy

How to coach clients/patients on any hormone therapy



Enrollment is only open once a year. Don't miss out.

Learn the business of hormone coaching;

grow your hormone coaching practice &

significantly increase your revenue.

Build The Hormone Coaching Practice You Always Dreamed Of


Most Asked Questions


The Science & Art of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship is an advanced program for those with a strong health sciences background and an established patient/client practice.  If you’re a new health coach or want to be a health coach, this program is not for you and you will not be accepted into the program. 

Given the pivotal role hormone health coaches play in positively impacting the overall hormone health and well-being of women, a basic health science background and knowledge a must. 

Class sizes are intentionally kept small to create an intimate and personalized experience so spots for the program are limited.

There are five requirements for The Science & Art of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship program: 

  1. Must be 18 years old
  2. Those who are ready to make the commitment to invest (financially, effort, time)
  3. Have an established and current health coaching or patient practice
  4. Must: 
  • Hold a current accredited certification or license in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, or a related field, or
  • Hold an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in fitness, exercise science, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, or a related field or,
  • Have completed comparable work experience in any of the industries specified above
  1. We want to work with you



  1. Fill out the Apprenticeship registration form in its entirety. Missing information may prevent the application process from continuing so please be thorough.
  2. The Moxie team will carefully review your application, and if they feel you may make a good candidate for a phone interview, you will get an email requesting you submit a photo ID and copy of your certificate, license, or degree.
  3. Upon receipt and verification of documents, you will be sent an email with an invitation to choose a time for a 45 min phone interview by Moxie or someone on her team for further consideration. This meeting is a two-way interview designed for us to see if you’d make a good candidate for the apprenticeship, and for you to ask questions to see if the program is right for you. 
  4. If both parties agree it's a good match, you will be invited to participate in the apprenticeship program.
  5. If you are approved to move forward, consent forms and waivers will be email for you to submit, as well as a link to pay your tuition.  You will have 24 hours to submit your payment and submit signed necessary documents.  If no payment or signed documents have been received in 24 hours, your spot for enrollment will automatically be forfeited and you will be added to the waitlist.
  6. Once you’ve signed appropriate documents and paid tuition, you'll be sent a welcome email with all the instructions and steps you need to get started.

If you are waitlisted, you will not move forward unless a spot becomes available, however you will be notified regardless.

Should you cancel your scheduled interview a second time, you will be ineligible for applying for that particular program. Should you wish you to apply to a future program you will need to start the registration process again.

Please note that if you cannot meet the required deadlines, or provide proper documents, your spot may be assigned to someone else.

Enrollment is open only once a year. In the event the registration is closed, fill out the waitlist form to be contacted when the next apprenticeship is available.

The Science & Art of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is exclusive for certified health coaches and licensed practitioners who have already established a baseline clientele.

No.  We don't offer refunds for any of our courses.  You are purchasing information. We know the value of our content and we also know the material you learn is only as successful as the time, energy, and effort you put into making your business work.  It will be up to you and the action you take to apply what you learn and make your business thrive.  

If there is any doubt in your mind this program isn't for you, then it won't be so please do not apply.  This program is only for those who know this program is what they need to take their practice to the next level.

Establish Yourself As A Menstrual Cycle Health & Hormone Coach

Enrollment for The Business of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship is currently closed.

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