Certified Health Coaches & Licensed Healthcare Practitioners

Learn how to help women get their hormones balanced and get your own hormones balanced too.

Learn how to help your female patients prevent and reverse menstrual cycle dysfunction, perimenopause, and menopause.

Become A Successful Hormone Coach

I Can Teach You How To Become A Successful Hormone Coach

Are you an established licensed healthcare practitioner or certified health coach, or the equivalent?

Are you looking for a unique specialty for your health coaching practice?

Are most of your patients female between the ages of 16 and 60?

Do your patients suffer from menstrual cycle irregularities, perimenopause or menopause?

Interested in working with hormone doctors to help their patients get their hormones balanced?

Are your patients having a hard time losing weight even though they're doing everything right?

Interested in teaching your patients how to prevent and reverse menopause and perimenopause?

Do your patients suffer from mood swings, depression, anxiety, gut issues, insomnia, or headaches?

Becoming a successful hormone coach will take you, your practice, and your income to another level.


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The Four Pillars of Success

There Four Pillars To Becoming A Successful Hormone Coach

Advanced Education

Learn the science of hormone coaching, understand hormones and hormone replacement therapies.  Learn about estrogen, progesterone, and the gut, and how they work together and influence other hormones.

Clinical Training

Learn the art skill of hormone coaching, working with hormone patients, and how to work with hormone doctors and pharmacies.  Learn how to take your practice online and establish yourself an expert in the field. 

Continuing Education

The initial advanced education and clinical training sets the foundation of what you need to get going, ongoing continuing education will enhance your hormone medicine knowledge and clinical hormone coaching skills.

Personal Mentoring

Having a hormone coaching and practice mentor will help you fine tune your clinical skill, and take your practice where you'd like to see to go.  Practice, business, and clinical guidance will give you the confidence and skill you need to succeed.

Find out what it really means to be hormonally balanced and what it takes to make that happen for you and your patients.

Three Steps To Success

There are three ways to get the education, training, and mentoring you need to be a successful hormone coach.

Step 1: The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship

Learn the science of lifestyle and hormone medicine, hormones, hormone replacement therapy, and how it all works together to get your client to the Hormone Sweet Spot.  Learn the art of coaching women on hormone replacement therapies and the symptoms of hormone deficiencies.


Step 2: Hormone Coach Success Membership

Get ongoing and advanced hormone coach mentoring, coaching, continuing Hormone Medicine education, business building and marketing tips, and a community of hormone coaches with the Hormone Coach Success and private group monthly membership. For apprenticeship attendees and grads, and general coaches.


Step 3: The Business of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship

Learn how to work with hormone doctors in their practice or as a partner, build your own hormone coaching practice, or take your current practice online.  You will learn all the steps and tools you need to take your personal hormone coaching practice to the next level, coach more efficiently, and significantly increase your income.


Learn how to confidently and effectively help women address their PMS, PMDD, PCOS, POI & POF.

Who This Is For

Only For A Select Few

Licensed Healthcare Practitioners

Registered Nurses



Certified Health Coaches

Registered Dietitians


Physician Extenders

Healthcare Providers

Functional Medicine Practitioners

Looking For The Best

We're looking for professional and driven licensed healthcare practitioners and certified health coaches who want to make a difference in women's lives to train and mentor. Our waitlist for trained hormone coaches is long and we need to refer those women to qualified hormone coaches.  Will you be one of them?

If you're ready to step out of your comfort zone through the fear zone, we can help you learn the skills you need to take your knowledge and practice to the next level professionally and financially, so both you and your practice can reap the rewards of the growth zone.

Learn how to coach your female patients to the Hormone Sweet Spot.


Advanced Clinical Hormone Coach Training


For those licensed healthcare practitioners and certified health coaches who've successfully completed The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship and want more education and clinical application training, I offer a fellowship course through my sister site Panacea Sciences.


Build a successful business as a hormone coach.


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