Learn How To Help Women Balance Their Hormones

The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship

The most advanced and complete female hormone coaching program in the world by Clinical Hormone Coach and HRT Practice Consultant, Marie Hoäg, MBA.


Become A Hormone Sweet Spot™ Coach

Learn how to coach women to balance their hormones and establish healthy regular menstrual cycles for as long as they want.

Learn how to coach women to their Hormone Sweet Spot.


Business Investment: $ 9,999


What Is A Hormone Coach?

Someone who helps women...

A Hormone Coach is someone who helps women between the ages of 20-60 establish and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle, get their hormones balanced, and lose weight.

They educate their patients/clients about hormones, hormone therapy, and what it means to balance hormones.

They help their patients/clients find the right hormone doctor for the right hormone therapy.

They coach their patients/clients on the right diet and lifestyle that support optimal hormone balancing.

They work with hormone doctors and act as a triage between HRT doctor and patient/client.

They help patients/clients order lab work and discuss results.

They help women lose weight by way of hormone balancing.

They help women get their hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot.

And so much more.

Become A Hormone Sweet Spot Coach

Help Women Find Their Hormone Sweet Spot

Two-Part Apprenticeship

Hormone Coach Training In Two Parts

The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching is a six month two-part apprenticeship with me.  It entails learning the science of hormones and hormone balancing, and the art skill of coaching women how to balance their hormones to their Hormone Sweet Spot.

This is the pre-requisite course for these courses:

The Business of Hormone Coaching

Advanced Female Clinical Hormone Coach Fellowship

Part One

The Science of Hormone Coaching

Part 1: The Science of Hormone Coaching

You will learn:

What it means to be hormonally balanced

What it takes to be hormonally balanced

The truth about estrogen and why it's the most important hormone for women

The truth about estrogen and cancer

How hormones affect mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral health in women

Hypoestrogenism, its root cause, and how to address it

Estrogen deficiency diseases

Endocrine disrupting compounds

Progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, and other support hormones

Ovarian dysfunction, the causes, and how to address it

Menstrual cycle restoration, menstrual dysfunction, menstrual regulation, period establishment and maintenance

PCOS, PMS, PMDD, POI & POF, and the root causes of these conditions

The estrobolome and gut estrogen metabolism

The root cause of premature menopause, early menopause, perimenopause, and menopause

The four stages of perimenopause

The four stages of post menopause

The Hormone Sweet Spot; why it’s important, how to measure it, how to maintain it, and how restore it if your clients/patients ever get off it

How diet and lifestyle impact the ovaries, hormone function, and menstrual cycle regulation

The five HRT patient clinical categories, and how to coach each category

Optimal ranges for each hormone to achieve the Hormone Sweet Spot

Part Two

The Art of Hormone Coaching

Part 2: The Art of Hormone Coaching

You will learn:

The four generations of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and how they affect women

How to coach clients/patients to their Hormone Sweet Spot

The three phases of getting to the Hormone Sweet Spot and what your clients/patients may experience

Step by step processes; appointment by appointment blueprint on how to coach your clients/patients to their Hormone Sweet Spot

How to work with the gut microbiome as an endocrine organ

How to find out if your clients/patients ovaries are dysfunctional, and what to do about it

How to heal and establish a healthy estrobolome

The steps needed to prevent and reverse PMS, menstrual irregularities, premature menopause, perimenopause, and menopause, in most of your female clients/patients

How to work with both cisgender and transgender female clients/patients

The steps needed to prepare the gut for hormone therapy

The 16 Essential Elements of the Panacea Protocol

How to coach clients to lose weight with the right hormone replacement therapy

Hormone lab work; what to order, how to read them, how to use them in your practice, and how to have a conversation with a doctor about them

The right diet and lifestyle for proper, optimal, and sustainable hormone balancing

How to get our own hormones balanced the right way

How to use diet and lifestyle as a hormone enhancer 

When to refer clients/patients for hormone therapy

How work with hormone therapy doctors

How to communicate with your physician partners on client/patient progress and recommendations

How to work and lead a doctor/patient trilogy

How to coach clients/patients on any hormone therapy

Enrollment is only open once a year.  

Exclusive Program

For A Select Few


Exclusive only to established certified health coaches and licensed healthcare practitioners.

Registered Healthcare Practitioners

Registered Nurses



Certified Health Coaches

Registered Dietitians


Physician Extenders

Certified Healthcare Practitioners


Educate Yourself In Optimal Female Hormone Balancing

Looking For A Specialty?

Personal & Professional Growth All Rolled Into One

Get Into The Learning Zone

Are you looking for a niche for your health coaching practice?  We're looking for experienced health coaches who want to take their knowledge and coaching practices to the next level. 

If you're ready to get out of the "fear zone" and venture to the "growth zone", then we can help you get the knowledge and tools you need to be an elite Hormone Coach Specialist in the "learning zone".

Build your mind, your practice, and your revenue by becoming a Hormone Coach Specialist with Moxie.  Personal and professional growth rolled into one.

Learn how to balance hormones for yourself and your patients.

Eligibility & Process

Learn The Eligibility Requirements And Application Process

The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is not for everyone, in fact it's only for a select few open-minded and like-minded health coaches. 

Learn more about the eligibility requirements and the application process by clicking on the button below.


Establish Yourself As A Hormone Sweet Spot Coach

Frequently Asked Questions


The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching Apprenticeship is an advanced program for those with an established patient/client health coaching practice.  

Click here to learn more about eligibility for the program.

There is a process for applying to The Science & Art of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship, and not everyone will be accepted. 

Click here to learn more about application process.

The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is exclusive for certified health, wellness, and fitness coaches and licensed practitioners who have already established a baseline clientele, however if you feel you don't meet this criteria and would like special consideration, apply anyway and we will contact you to discuss your circumstances.

I don't offer refunds for any of my courses or apprenticeships.  You are purchasing information and knowledge and those things are not returnable, unlike a tangible product.

I know the value of my content and what happens clinically and professionally when it's applied.

The material you learn is only as successful as the time, energy, and effort you put into making your practice work.  It will be up to you and the action you take to apply what you learn in this program to make your practice thrive.  

If there is any doubt in your mind this program isn't for you, then it won't be so please do not apply.  This program is only for those who know this program is exactly what they need to take themselves and their practice to the next level.

I want you to feel confident about your purchase.  If you have questions and would like to speak with me before making a decision, click here to send in a contact request and I will be happy to call you and answer any of your questions.  

The Science & Art of Hormone Medicine apprenticeship is a foundational hormone coach program to teach you the science and art of coaching women to get their hormones balanced.  It is the prerequisite course for Panacea Sciences' Advanced Clinical Hormone Coach Fellowship and The Business of Hormone Coaching.  

Panacea Sciences' Advanced Clinical Hormone Coach Fellowship is an advanced course that teaches you all about hormone replacement therapies and how to work with HRT doctors on a clinical level to coach their patients on any form of HRT.

This program is the prerequisite for Panacea Sciences' Advanced Clinical Hormone Coach Fellowship.


Open enrollment is once a year so don't miss out.  Add yourself to the VIP Waitlist to be contacted when enrollment is about to open again.

Closed Enrollment Pre-Apply

You May Pre-Apply If Enrollment Is Closed

If you've come across this page and found the enrollment to be closed, we encourage you to pre-apply for the next enrollment period. 

Once your application is received and reviewed, and the Moxie Team have no questions about your application, you will be place on the VIP Waitlist and contacted before everyone else when enrollment is about to open again.

Though open enrollment is only once a year, under certain circumstances we will hold a short and private open enrollment period for those only on the VIP Waitlist.

(There is no obligation to pre-apply.)



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The Art & Science of Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is an investment in you and your practice.  I want you to be sure this apprenticeship program is right for you so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by using the link below. 

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