Balance Your Hormones The Right Way & Keep Them Balanced

Get started on the hormone balancing journey to your Hormone Sweet Spot.

Need your hormones balanced?


Does it feel like your hormones are out of balance but don't know where to turn?

Frustrated your doctor can't get your hormones balanced?

On hormone therapy now and it's not working for you?

Do you feel like you're going crazy and can't control your moods?

Does it feel like depression and anxiety are part of who you are?

Does it feel like your self-esteem and self-worth are in the toilet?

Do you have irregular and painful periods?

Tired of feeling depressed and worthless?

Getting hormones balanced the right way is life-changing.

Balancing Hormones


Female hormone balancing is neither quick nor easy.

It takes knowledge and concerted effort to get hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot.

There is a process to getting your hormones balanced and keeping them balanced.

It takes more than hormone replacement therapy to get your hormones balanced.

It is ultimately up to you to get your hormones balanced.

True hormone balancing leads to true happiness.

You deserve to be happy.

Perimenopause Hormone Balancing

What would it mean to you if you were genuinely happy most of the time for no good reason?

Isn't it time you find out?

Menopause Hormone Balancing

It's Time To Take Control


Hormone Balancing Program

It is up to you to know what it means and what it takes to get your hormones balanced and keep them balanced.

Now more than ever you have to take control of your own hormone health.

The days of bouncing from one hormone doctor to the next are over.

The more you know about how to get your hormones balanced, the more successful you will be at getting them balanced and keeping them balanced.

Hormone Balancing Program

Exclusive Hormone Balancing Program


Hormone Balancing Program
Hormone Balancing Program
Menopause Hormone Balancing

 The Hormone Sweet Spot Program is a 12 week group immersion designed to help you kick-start your hormone balancing journey to your personal Hormone Sweet Spot.

This advanced female hormone balancing program is engineered to naturally address the root cause of menstrual dysfunction, PMS, perimenopause, early menopause, premature menopause, and menopause so that you may never have to experience these conditions again.

Developed for nearly 20 years in a hormone specialty clinic by female hormone balancing specialists.

A program for women dead serious about getting their hormones balanced and keeping them balanced.


Two Key Program Elements

Hormone Balancing Program

Hormone Balancing Course

A clinically derived 13 module digital course designed to help you get your hormones balanced and keep them balanced.

Hormone Balancing Program

Group Hormone Coaching & Support

Get weekly group hormone balancing coaching sessions and direction with a community of other women.

Program Fee: $1997

(or three payments of $799)

Hormone Balancing Program

Who This Program Is For


Hormone Balancing Program

This program is designed for women between the ages of 20-60 who are in general good health suffering from:

Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction
Painful & Irregular Periods
Early Menopause
Premature Menopause
Hormone Balancing Program

Session Schedule


Limited spots available.

Hormone Balancing Coach

July 5-September 24

Registration: June 1-15

Hormone Balancing Coach

October 3-December 23

Registration: September 1-15

Hormone Balancing Coach

January 2-March 24

Registration: December 1-15

Hormone Balancing Coach

April 3-June 23

Registration: September 1-15

Spots for sessions are limited.

You may pre-apply for any session to guarantee a spot if you qualify.


Isn't it time you got your life, mind and body back?

The best thing you can do for yourself and those who love you is to get back who you are on the inside; to laugh again, connect again, love again, and be happy for no good reason most of the time for as long as you like. 

Hormone Balancing Program

Program FAQs


Hormone Balancing Program

Have More Questions?


Hormone Balancing Program

Do you have questions about this program and would like to speak to a live person before making a commitment?

Click button below to schedule a complementary 20 minute program Q&A.

Hormone Balancing Program

Are You A Health Coach?


Hormone Balancing Program

Considering a health coaching specialty in menstrual health and female hormone balancing?

I offer an advanced Clinical Hormone Coach apprenticeship program (The Art & Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching) once a year for a select few health coaches and other healthcare practitioners.

I teach you everything I have come to know as an educated and trained Clinical Hormone Coach of nearly two decades helping women effectively and sustainably balance hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot.

You will learn how to help women balance estrogen and progesterone (and other hormones) to optimal levels, and how to clinically coach them through the process to the "sweet spot" and beyond. 

You will learn about all forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and how to work as a part of a team with hormone doctors coaching their female HRT patients to the "sweet spot".

You will learn how to coach women to establish and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle for as long as they choose, even if they no longer have all their parts.

You will learn how to coach women on menopause prevention, menopause reversal and menopause management.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, click button below learn more and add yourself to the Hormone Coach VIP List.  You will to notified before everyone else when enrollment for The Art & Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is about to open.

Hormone Coach
Hormone Balancing Program