Learn How To Effectively & Sustainably Balance hormones for women.

Become a Hormone Sweet Spot™ Physician.

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What is a Hormone Sweet Spot Physician?

A Hormone Sweet Spot Physician is a physician or physician extender who has been trained how to prescribe hormones in a manner that allows women to reach their Hormone Sweet Spot for true hormone balancing, and perimenopause and menopause prevention.

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Becoming a successful female hormone doctor requires three things:

1.   Advanced Female HRT clinical application training

2.  A clinical HRT coach

3.  A hormone practice consultant 

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Click on the button below to be taken to my sister site, Panacea Sciences.  There we offer:

  • Advanced female HRT clinical application training
  • Clinical HRT coaching and hand-holding
  • Hormone practice consulting

to hormone prescribing physicians and physician extenders.


Increase the clinical and financial success of your hormone practice and get trained in advanced female hormone therapies today.
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