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Balance Hormones

It's time to take control of your hormone health. Take the Hormone Balance Test below to see if your hormones are balanced.


I I believe every single one of us has a superpower.  Mine is taking the complicated concept of balancing hormones for women and explaining it in ways we can all understand.  That’s true whether I’m talking to patients or physicians, doing a podcast, giving a 45-minute keynote, writing a book, or composing a post or Tweet.  And I’m convinced it has never been more important for the world to understand this concept.

Like it or not, all women will be faced with hormonal imbalance and menopause, and they have more control over whether they experience it or not than any generation that preceded us.  There are certain things women have to do to balance their hormones and it requires a concerted and trusted effort.  There is no more effective way for a woman to take control over her own mind and body than keep her hormones balanced in her Hormone Sweet Spot.

What I have also learned in nearly two decades immersed in female hormone medicine is that it’s completely possible.  And the more of us that engage in optimizing our hormones, the faster this message will spread, and the better off we will all be.  So thanks for stopping by.

I hope you’ll take the time to join my community by subscribing to my newsletter and join me on social media.  I look forward to helping you meet your hormone balancing and menopause prevention goals.

— Marie.

Female Hormone Balancing

Balancing your hormones shouldn't be difficult. There is a right way to balance hormones for each woman.  If you're tired of going from one practitioner to the next to get your hormones balanced, hire a trained and experienced clinical hormone coach to help you reach your Hormone Sweet Spot.

Perimenopause & Menopause Prevention

Perimenopause & Menopause are preventable and reversible conditions for most generally healthy women.  A healthy menstrual cycle begets a happy mind and body.

Balance your hormones in a way so that you may never have to experience Perimenopause or Menopause in your lifetime.

Happiness & Self Esteem

Getting the right amounts of the right hormones in the right manner increases happiness and self esteem in most women. 

If you lack happiness and self esteem, take control of your own hormone health and balance your hormones to your Hormone Sweet Spot

You deserve to be happy.

Menopause Speaker

Women Rich In Estrogen

"Estrogen itself acts as a natural energizer to both mind and body.

Women rich in estrogen tend to have a certain mental vigor that gives them confidences, a sense of mastery over their destiny, the ability to think out problems effectively, resistant to mental and physical fatigue, and emotional self-control.

Their emotional reactions are proportional to the occasion.

They neither over-react hysterically, nor do they trend toward apathy.

They are, as a rule, capable of facing the world with a healthful relaxed attitude and therefore able to enjoy their daily life.

They are seldom depressed.

Irrational crying spells are virtually unknown among them.

In a family situation, estrogen makes women adaptable, even-tempered, and generally easy to live with.

Consequently, a woman's estrogen carries significance beyond her own well-being.

It also contributes toward the happiness of her family and all those with whom she is in daily contact."

- Robert A. Wilson, MD, Feminine Forever, 1966

Menopause Speaker

Are Your Hormones Balanced?


Balancing hormones is not easy but it could be if you knew what to do. 

There are certain things you need to know and do to achieve and maintain your Hormone Sweet Spot.

It's time you take your hormone heath into your own hands. 

I can teach you what it takes to balance your hormones and coach you through the process.

Perimenopause Hormones Balance

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