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Take control of your hormone health and learn how to balance your hormones, prevent Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction, Premature Menopause, Early Menopause, Perimenopause, and Menopause for as long as you'd like.

(even if you no longer have all your parts)

Most women have no idea what it feels like to be hormonally balanced.  

Find your Hormone Sweet Spot.

Rebranding Menopause

Rebranding Menopause Means Never Having To Experience It

Everyday millions of women are suffering from the affects of perimenopause and menopause; the debilitating symptoms are too long to list.

Thousands of women in the United States reach menopause everyday.  And a billion more are in perimenopause painfully awaiting the menopausal demise.

These women suffer extreme mental, behavioral, emotional, and physical decline and dysfunction. They feel horrible most of the time, hopeless, and can’t cope.

They go from practitioner to practitioner of varying specialties, spending thousands of dollars traveling the globe trying to find the provider who “gets it”, only to be disappointed time after time.

Most women spend most of their lives in a state of hormonal imbalance. They are prescribed costly drugs, treatments, surgeries, supplements, and ineffective homeopathic remedies to manage the side effects of hormonal imbalance with little to no sustainable relief.

They're told they have to live like this and spend the last third of their lives on the exercise wheel of conventional and functional medicine.  They take test after test, prescription after prescription, and supplement after supplement with the mindset of treating the symptoms of estrogen and other hormone deficiencies, never fixing the hormone deficiency issue.

This website is for those women who are tired of this roller coaster. 

It's for those women who don’t want to go through the spiraling mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical decline and deterioration female hormone deficiency brings. 

It's for women who want to restore their hormones to healthy levels instead of treating the symptoms of their hormone deficiencies. 

It's for women who want to learn how to reverse perimenopause and menopause and/or prevent these conditions from ever happening in the first place.

Rebranding menopause means never having to experience it. 

I reversed my menopause and can teach you how. 

Welcome to my website.


Meet Moxie

I'm Marie Hoäg.  I'm a Clinical Hormone Coach and HRT Practice Consultant with nearly 20 years experience helping thousands of women get their hormones balanced the right way. 

I started this website because I was suffering with hormonal imbalance just like you.  Click on the button below to learn more about my background and why I so boldly say what I do about female hormone balancing.


Women I Help

Between The Ages 20-60

All One Cause

It has been my personal and professional experience that menstrual cycle dysfunction, perimenopause & menopause are varying states of estrogen deficiency. These conditions do not exist or exist to the extent they do when estrogen is adequately restored.

Menstrual Dysfunction

I help women in their 20s to mid 30s suffering from menstrual irregularities, PMS, PMDD, POF, POI, premature menopause, and early menopause establish and maintain healthy regular menstrual cycles for as long as they wish by finding their personal Hormone Sweet Spot.



I help women in their mid 30s to late 40s suffering from perimenopause establish and maintain healthy regular menstrual cycles for as long as they wish.  Balancing hormones to the personal Hormone Sweet Spot allows women to avoid going into menopause if they don't want to.


I help women in their mid 40s to late 50s suffering from late stage perimenopause to second stage post-menopause establish and maintain healthy regular menstrual cycles for as long as they want by finding their  personal Hormone Sweet Spot.


Women Rich In Estrogen

"Estrogen itself acts as a natural energizer to both mind and body. Women rich in estrogen tend to have a certain mental vigor that gives them confidences, a sense of mastery over their destiny, the ability to think out problems effectively, resistant to mental and physical fatigue, and emotional self-control. Their emotional reactions are proportional to the occasion. They neither over-react hysterically, nor do they trend toward apathy. They are, as a rule, capable of facing the world with a healthful relaxed attitude and therefore able to enjoy their daily life. They are seldom depressed. Irrational crying spells are virtually unknown among them. In a family situation, estrogen makes women adaptable, even-tempered, and generally easy to live with. Consequently, a woman's estrogen carries significance beyond her own well-being. It also contributes toward the happiness of her family and all those with whom she is in daily contact."

- Robert A. Wilson, MD, Feminine Forever, 1966

The Hormone Sweet Spot

Optimal Hormone Homeostasis

The Hormone Sweet Spot is a place of optimal hormonal balance.  It's a place where a woman can't imagine feeling any better than she does, and her lab work concurs with how she feels. 

I coined the term The Hormone Sweet Spot several years ago while working in a hormone speciality clinic.  I saw that women felt and did their best mentally, emotionally, and physically when their hormones where sustained in a particular blood serum reference range and followed certain dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

It was in this place of hormone balance that I saw conditions that once existed such as PMS, perimenopause, and menopause no longer existed, or existed to the extent it was prior to getting hormones balanced the right way.

The goal of the Hormone Sweet Spot™ is to get your female main sex hormones balanced in a way that you cannot imagine feeling any better than you do, and your lab work falls into or close to a specific and optimal blood serum reference range on a particular day of your menstrual cycle.  

Getting your hormones balanced to your personal Hormone Sweet Spot™ could be within your reach if you do what it takes to achieve it. 

Sustainable optimal hormone balancing is a process that requires four critical pillars: the right nutrition, the right lifestyle, the right hormone doctor, and the right hormone therapy for you.  You can learn about these supercritical pillars and what it takes to achieve this place of hormonal peace in my signature course The Hormone Sweet Spot

If you've read down to here, chances are you have more education in female hormone balancing than most doctors. (Sad, but true.) It will ultimately be up to you to take control of your own hormone health.  Arm yourself with the right knowledge so you can get your hormones balanced for good.


I believe most women never have to experience perimenopause or menopause in their lifetime. 

Learn what I know about how most women can reverse and prevent these conditions for as long as they'd like.



Questions Asked By Women

Everyday I receive numerous questions by women, health coaches, doctors, and pharmacists about female hormone balancing and preventing and reversing perimenopause and menopause. 

My approach to perimenopause and menopause is not conventional and for some, may appear controversial.  Below are some of those questions asked by women and based on the following four factors;

  1. My Personal Experience As A Menopause & Hormone Patient; I have suffered throughout my life with estrogen deficiency conditions, endometriosis, PMDD, perimenopause, and menopause.  I've taken virtually every type of hormone replacement therapy on the market and know from personal experience how each one works, and what the pros and cons are for each. I have reversed my perimenopause and menopause going on ten years now and have no intention of ever experiencing these conditions again.
  2. My Professional Experience As A Clinical Hormone Coach; with nearly 20 years and 20,000+ cisgender and transgender patients in a hormone specialty clinic, I've seen what happens to women of all ages when they eat the right foods, live the right lifestyle, and get enough estrogen and other essential hormones; and what happens when they don't.  And helped thousands of women reverse and prevent menstrual cycle irregularities, PMS, perimenopause, and menopause.  This experience is priceless.
  3. Thousands Of Hours Of Professional Education & Training;  I have nearly 20 years of annual doctoral level education and training in Functional and Integrative Medicines, Perimenopause, Menopause, Optimal Female Hormone Health, and Female Hormone Replacement Therapy Protocols.  I have kept up with the changing times and protocols in hormone medicine.
  4. Extensive Research In Estrogen, Estrogen Deficiency Diseases, Perimenopause and Menopause; I've spent well over a decade diving deep into finding out the truth about estrogen, estrogen and cancer, estrobolome health, female hormone optimization, hypoestrogenism, menstrual cycle health, and perimenopause and menopause reversal and prevention.  My personal study collection in female hormone health is expansive.

Being hormonally balanced means your main-sex hormones are established and maintained at optimal levels so you don't experience the side effects hormone deficiencies bring.

Addressing hormone deficiencies in a manner that gets rid of the deficiency altogether is what I call true hormone balancing. 

I don’t consider hormones to be balanced if women have symptoms of PMS, menstrual dysfunction, perimenopause, or menopause.  

I don’t consider managing the symptoms of menstrual cycle dysfunction, perimenopause or menopause with low dose hormone therapy to be a solution for "hormone balancing".

It’s been clear to me over the years that women feel best mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and physically when estrogen and progesterone are maintained in optimal ranges no matter how old they are.  When this happens, hormone deficiencies are restored and the side effects of hormonal imbalance diminish or completely go away. 

There is a way to measure clinical indicators and labs and it’s the combination of these that determine whether a woman’s hormones are balanced or not. 

It will be up to you how long it will take depending on a handful of factors, including diet and lifestyle.

It will most likely require the right hormone replacement therapy, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner by a doctor who knows how to prescribe it correctly.

Once on the right HRT system, it typically takes most women 12-24 months to reap the full benefits of the hormones to experience true hormone balancing. 

Most women feel benefits within minutes of taking the right HRT and continue to get better as each month passes to an optimal balancing plateau.

If menopause is approached as a hormone de´Čüciency condition (low estrogen and progesterone production), most women can restore hormones to optimal levels with the right HRT system to revive a regular menstrual period for as long as they wish depending on how long they've been post menopausal.

Women without a uterus will have all the benefits optimal hormone levels bring a woman without regular monthly bleeding.

There are four stages of perimenopause with each stage marked by lowering hormone levels, and the severity of symptoms brought on by those low levels escalates that by stage four, a woman is entering menopause.

Menopause is defined as the cessation of menstrual periods for a year.  If you restore and maintain menstrual cycle function and regular monthly periods by optimizing your estrogen and progesterone, then technically you won't experience menopause until you no longer have adequate amounts of those female main-sex hormones to support a regular period. 

If you had bad periods in the past, chances are your main-sex hormones were not optimal for you.

Bad periods are a result of low main-sex hormones, and is often neglected by doctors leaving women to spend most of their lives in a state of hormonal deficiency. 

The health of a menstrual cycle is a reflection of the overall health of a woman.  When women maintain a healthy regular period, she is likely to be mentally and physically healthy for as long as her period is healthy.

Women who have bad periods at a younger age tend to go on to have horrible perimenopause and menopause.

Women with balanced hormones don't have bad periods.

Probably so but maybe not depending on your age and the health of your ovaries (if you have them). 

The goal is to get your ovaries to function in a manner that they produce the right amount of estrogen and progesterone your brain and body require to establish and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and regular period.  This can be done with the proper diet and lifestyle if your ovaries are healthy enough.

If you are unable to produce optimal levels of these two female main-sex hormones on your own, then you would need to consider getting on an HRT system that can do it for you.

Hormone balancing requires hormones, whether you produce them yourself or the right hormone replacement therapy.

The correct term is "the menopause" because menopause is a marker in time, not a period of time or something that you're in a state of.

Menopause marks the one year anniversary of not having a period, that's it.  Anytime before this anniversary is considered perimenopause (formerly called the climacteric), of which there are four stages leading to the menopause.  After 'the menopause' is considered post-menopause, of which there are four stages.

Many think menopause is something you're in and will always remain in after it happens.  This is a misconception.

No.  There is about 10-15% of women that no matter what they do, will not find that "hormone sweet spot". 

I've seen women do very little and get their hormones balanced, and have seen women do everything right and never get their hormones balanced, but it's rare.

If you believe you're one of the 10-15%, then you will be right; but if you don't think you're one of them, then you will reap significant benefits of the efforts you make with the right nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and the hormone replacement therapy you take. 

You may not achieve your personal hormone sweet spot per se, but you will feel so much better than you would if you didn't incorporate those essential elements into your life.

Most doctors have no formal training in female hormone optimization so they struggle with how to do it right.

Funded by the pharmaceutical industry, medical schools keep optimal female hormone balancing out of the curriculum. 

Doctors are not taught how to restore hormone deficiencies.  They are taught how to prescribe medications to treat the symptoms of hormone deficiencies.

The training and mindset of your HRT prescriber will make or break your hormone balancing experience.

Yes.  I have a prescriber clinical application training apprenticeship with clinical coaching on my sister site, Panacea Sciences. 


No.  I give you all the tools and instruction you need to navigate your hormone balancing journey in The Hormone Sweet Spot™ Course.

However, a hormone coach that I have trained can help you get your hormones balanced faster and help you keep them balanced.

If what I say makes sense or intrigues you, I invite you to explore my site and ask questions.

If you are serious about getting your hormones balanced, I encourage you to take my signature course, The Hormone Sweet Spot.  It is in this course I teach you what it takes to restore a healthy menstrual cycle for as long as you want and how to balance your hormones. 

Nothing compares to what it feels like to have your hormones truly balanced.  It was life changing for me, and could be life changing for you.

Isn't it time for you to be happy?


Professionals I Help

I Teach Professionals How To Help Women Balance Their Hormones


Learn the clinical algorithm of the Hormone Sweet Spotand reverse and prevent menstrual cycle dysfunction, perimenopause and menopause.  Using the right hormones, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner, you will be able to sustainably balance hormones in most of your female patients.


Healthcare Practitioners

Licensed and established healthcare practitioners, learn the missing link in female hormone balancing.  Become a hormone coach and help your female patients of all ages establish healthy menstrual cycles by helping them get their hormones balanced to their personal Hormone Sweet Spot


Health Coaches

Established and certified health, fitness, and wellness coaches, learn how to help your clients lose weight and get their hormones balanced to their Hormone Sweet Spot™ with the right diet, lifestyle, and hormone replacement therapies.  Become an Elite Hormone Coach.


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