Advanced Female Hormone Coaching

Hormone balancing help from a trained and clinically experienced female hormone coach.


What is a Clinical Hormone Coach?


Menopause Hormone Coach

A Clinical Hormone Coach is someone who helps women balance their hormones in a clinical capacity.

They hold the hand of the patient as they are getting their hormones balanced.

They prepare the patient for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and refer the patient to a qualified HRT doctor.

They are educated and trained in hormone replacement therapy coaching and how to help women balance their hormones with the HRT the patient is prescribed.

They act as a virtual medical assistant to the prescribing HRT doctor triaging all patient questions.

They pass on instructions from the HRT prescribing doctor to the patient.

They act as a health coach directing patients on the proper diet and lifestyle to support the HRT the patient is taking.

They act as a life coach as the brain and mind of the patient transform throughout the hormone balancing process.

They order and review lab work.

They monitor patients on HRT and track clinical indicators.

They work in a three-way relationship between the HRT prescriber and the patient.

They maintain a long-term relationship with the patient.

Hormone Coaching With Moxie


Menopause Hormone Coach

  • Marie works with women between the ages of 20-60 who are seriously committed to getting their hormones balanced and keeping them balanced.

  • Marie has had a private clinical hormone coaching practice for over a decade specializing in menstrual cycle dysfunction, PMS, early menopause, premature perimenopause, perimenopause, premature menopause, menopause, menstrual cycle restoration and preservation, and clinical hormone replacement therapy coaching.

  • Marie works exclusively with an elite group of hormone doctors with specialized training in menstrual cycle preservation and restoration and advanced female hormone replacement therapies. The hormone coach, the HRT prescriber, and the patient work together in a three-way relationship for the end goal of optimal hormone balance for the patient. 

  • Marie works with women and their doctors from all over the United States via her telehealth platform using encrypted Zoom and over the phone. She has an online clinical hormone coaching practice platform (Panacea Sciences Advanced Clinical Hormone Coaching) and a convenient smartphone application. 



Getting Started


Hormone Coach

The best way to get started...

The best and most cost-effective way to get started with getting your hormones balanced is to participate in my Balance Your Hormones Program. It is in this program where you learn what you need to do to balance your hormones and I set you up for hormone balancing success.

In addition to the hormone balancing program, I offer one-on-one hormone coaching where you can set up one or a series of sessions with me.

Fee schedule:

  • 60 min session: $300
  • 30 min session: $150

Initial sessions require a 60 min session booking. Follow-up sessions can be 30 or 60 min sessions depending on how much time you need.

** If you're not sure where to start, register for an informational webinar where I go over the Balance Your Hormones Program in detail or book a brief complimentary discovery session using the personal coaching button below. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Club Moxie


Hormone Coaching Membership

Hormone Coach

Ongoing hormone balancing support...

Club Moxie is an exclusive hormone balancing membership facilitated by Clinical Hormone Coach, Marie Hoäg. It is a private membership for those women who have completed the Balance Your Hormones Program that would like continuing hormone coaching support, camaraderie, and education in hormones, hormone balancing, menstrual cycle health, perimenopause, and menopause.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly educational webinars
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Group hormone coaching
  • Priority hormone coach support
  • Private social group
  • Special events  

Membership fee: $47 per month

If you have questions about this membership, please schedule a brief complimentary discovery session with the button below.


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