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The Truth About Estrogen and Cancer


Everybody knows estrogen causes breast cancer. The media reports about the Woman’s Health Initiative (WHI) have been abundantly clear. The message is estrogen causes breast cancer. But do we really know that, or have we just been told that? The fear of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), like the Sword of Damocles, looms over the head of all who dare use or prescribe estrogen replacement therapy. The frequent negative media reports on breast cancer as well as Black Box...

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Estrogen The Enabler

In the female body, estrogen enables all, from the creation and manufacturer of the thoughts in your brain to the beating of your heart.
Estrogen plays a central role in facilitating every known physiologic process in the female body.
Without enough estrogen, no physiologic processes take place the way they were intended to function. In fact, they will malfunction and cause conditions such as estrogen dominance.
Estrogen is the prime mover that facilitates every...
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