Four Pillars of Hormone Balancing

hormone balancing Mar 28, 2020
Hormone Balancing for Women

Balancing hormones in women is not easy. Most doctors think that slapping a hormone patch on a woman and sending her out the door with a prescription for a year's worth of hormones should do the trick. And most women think it should be this easy too. The truth is, balancing hormones for women is quite challenging, not only for hormone-prescribing doctors but for women as well. Balancing hormones is a phasic process that takes place over a period of about 12-18 months, and is strictly interdependent upon four critical pillars.

1.  The Right Diet

There is much confusion when it comes to choosing which diet is best for female hormone balancing. It seems everyone has an opinion on what is healthy but not all diets are good for getting hormones balanced. In fact, there are some diets that keep women from getting their hormones balanced at all, such as a vegan diet. I know many people will not agree with me on this but I have to be honest with what I have seen to be clinically effective when it comes to food and hormone optimization in women.

The general mindset of being vegan is that it’s a good thing, but I can tell you that optimal female hormone balancing requires plenty of clean animal protein and plenty of animal fats. In fact, this one thing will make or break you getting your hormones balanced.

The best diet for getting hormones balanced to your Hormone Sweet Spot is a traditional farm-to-table diet, eating things similar to what our pioneering foremothers grew and raised. These women did not have menstrual cycle issues, PMS, or estrogen dominance for a reason. They did not become ill of health because of what they ate or how they lived until they lost their estrogen.

2.  The Right Lifestyle

How you live your life and your daily behaviors impact your hormone balancing success. Attempting to balance hormones without providing them with good sleep hygiene, an active lifestyle, and daily bowel movements is futile. Optimal female hormone balancing requires a checklist of support only you can provide. You cannot expect to get your hormones balanced if you do not provide them with the right all-around nourishment they need to do their job, like watering and fertilizing a plant.

Taking hormone therapy without providing it with the right lifestyle support structure will also cause other problems you otherwise would not encounter such as estrogen dominance. And you will never get hormonally balanced.

The best lifestyle for getting hormones balanced is sleeping 7-9 hours when the sun is down, physical activity at least 30 minutes a day (preferably in the sunshine), and pooping 1-3 times a day. 

3.  The Right Hormone Doctor

Balancing hormones for women takes skill. It takes the right education and clinical application training, and enough clinical practice to get good at it. Working directly with adequate dosed estrogen and other hormones over time allows a doctor to see how these hormones “perform” from a clinical perspective. They get the opportunity to see how the hormones impact the mind and body of a woman at each dose. They learn to read clinical indicators which tell them how to dose and how much.

The hormone balancing mindset of your HRT prescriber will also make or break your ability to get your hormones balanced. If your doctor has the mindset of managing the symptoms of your estrogen and hormone deficiencies with low-dose HRT, you will get a much different clinical result than the doctor who prescribes hormones in a manner that gets rid of your hormone deficiencies altogether. It’s the difference between managing your symptoms of hormone deficiencies and getting rid of your deficiencies (and the symptoms of those deficiencies) for good.

The best HRT doctor for getting hormones truly balanced is one who has taken the time to get trained and is competent in advanced female hormone therapies. These doctors are disciplined to have the mindset of restoring hormones to healthy levels instead of treating the symptoms of your hormone deficiencies with ineffective low-dose therapies. 

4.  The Right Hormone Replacement Therapy

Not all HRT is the same. The type of HRT you take matters. There are four generations of HRT and all have different clinical goals and outcomes. The type of HRT your prescriber uses will also make or break your ability to get hormonally balanced and/or stay hormonally balanced.

HRT is a clinical tool to help you achieve what your body cannot. The goal is to restore hormones back to levels that mimicked you when you were a healthy young reproductive female. True hormone balancing requires restoring a healthy and incident-free menstrual cycle. If you are taking an HRT system designed to manage the symptoms of your hormone deficiencies, then you will spend your life chasing those symptoms like being on a hamster wheel indefinitely. However, if you take an HRT system designed to bring your blood serum hormone levels back to optimal, then you will not have symptoms of hormone deficiency to chase with supplements, drugs, and other costly treatments and procedures.


Getting hormones balanced is life-changing for most women. Let me help you get your hormones balanced and keep them balanced with my Balance Your Hormones Program. It will be the best gift you can give to yourself and those you love. 


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