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The purpose of this blog is to shed my personal and professional experiences on the topics of Estrogen, Menstrual Cycle Preservation & Restoration, Perimenopause, Menopause, Hormone Balancing, and Female Hormone Replacement Therapies.  

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Doctors Fear Women Are Taking Dangerously High Amounts of HRT

I like to go over the headlines of perimenopause, menopause, and hormone therapy and discuss my perspective as a clinical hormone coach of 20 years. I’ve coached thousands of women on virtually every form of HRT and understand how they all work and what their limitations and strengths are.

I saw this article in my mailbox and felt compelled to respond to it than any other article because I think I am one of the people this article is warning against.

I believe there is a lot of...

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What Is The Best Form Of HRT?

This question was sent to me by Kelly L. who is 40 years old suffering from perimenopause.

What is the best form of HRT?

It depends on your clinical goals. If your goal is to manage the symptoms of your hormone deficiencies, then you can take a patch or a low-dose compounded cream. This method also requires pharmaceutical drugs to assist the hormones in managing the side effects of hormone deficiencies, aka, hormonal imbalances. The reason drugs are needed with this approach is that the dose...

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