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When Will My Hormones Be Balanced?

I received this question from a 43 year old woman clearly suffering from perimenopause. Read on and see if you can relate.

When Will My Hormones Be Balanced?

I’ve been seeing my doctor for about three years now and she recently did about $1800 worth of testing. How will I know when my hormones are balanced? I hate the night sweats, hot flashes that make my entire head sweat like crazy, and the stupid emotions that like to be on a roller coaster. 

Does your doctor have any clinical...

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Four Pillars of Hormone Balancing

Balancing hormones in women is not easy. Most doctors think that slapping a hormone patch on a woman and sending her out the door with a prescription for a year's worth of hormones should do the trick. And most women think it should be this easy too. The truth is, balancing hormones for women is quite challenging, not only for hormone-prescribing doctors but for women as well. Balancing hormones is a phasic process that takes place over a period of about 12-18 months, and is strictly...

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